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As a singer himself, Stuart has a great deal of enthusiasm for writing for the voice in conjunction with piano, and chamber ensemble, and indeed, other solo instruments including clarinet and viola. Below are just a few examples of his vocal output. 

Horo (excerpts)

I. Ceòl Na

Horo - I. Ceòl Na - Stuart Murray Mitchell
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II. Mhairi Dhu

Horo - II. Mhairi Dhu - Stuart Murray Mitchell
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This three-movement work was commissioned by soprano, Frances Cooper and clarinettist, Joanna Nicholson and premiered in the 2015 Sound Festival, Aberdeen. Horo has gone on to receive 12 performances throughout Scotland.

III. Contrary Bird

III. Contrary Bird - Stuart Murray Mitchell
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This brief, one-movement work is something of a meditation for soprano and viola. Japanese death poetry is interspersed with "Quando corpus morietur" from the Stabat Mater adding to the contemplative mood of the work.

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