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Stuart has written extensively for instrumental forces throughout his career, including collaborations with the Edinburgh Quartet, and the Research Ensemble. In addition, he has written a number of works for friends and colleagues. The following represents a small number of his instrumental works. 

Suite Spirituelle

Suite Spirituelle was composed for saxophonist Anna Wright, and organist Simon Niemiński. The work was premiered in St. Mary's Metropolitan Cathedral in 2016.

The short three-movement work is a setting of the spirituals "Weepin' Mary," "Joshua fit de battle," and "Deep River." The work is also available in a version for saxophone and piano.

...then it drops

...then it drops - Stuart Murray Mitchell
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This short piece was written for two friends to be included in the final recital of their undergraduate degree taking place on 4th May, a date which just needed to be included in the composition!

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