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Stuart currently conducts a number of community choirs in Edinburgh. 

He has been Musical Director of the Edinburgh City Singers since 2016 and has enjoyed working with them to perform 5 concerts over the last 3 years. His arrangements of both popular and classical songs are popular with audiences and choir members alike.

Stuart believes wholeheartedly that anybody with a voice can sing, regardless of age, experience, or technique. Singing in a choir is a great way of meeting new people, giving yourself an energy boost, and improving your confidence through performing. 

Since January 2019, Stuart took over as Musical Director of Cramond Community Choir and Stockbridge Colonies Choir, both based in Edinburgh. He is enjoying working with both choirs and is looking forward to continuing their excellent music making.

Stuart Murray Mitchell - Animateur

Edinburgh City Singers

Formed in 2014 by Michelle Anthony-Cresswell, the choir has gone from 20 members to over 80 in just 5 years. Having taken over in 2016, Stuart has introduced the choir to many new arrangements of popular and classical repertoire, and their increasing audience sizes are testament to the success of the choir.

For more information about the choir, or to enquire about joining, click here.

Film credit: Steve Richer

Stuart Murray Mitchell - Animateur

Stuart with the Edinburgh City Singers

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