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Stuart has a great deal of experience in writing for the voice, in particular choir. He has received a number of commissions from churches and cathedrals and the following tracks are an example of some of his work.

By an' By

By an' By - Stuart Murray Mitchell
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Written and premiered in 2014 for the Choir of St. Andrews' and St. George's West, Edinburgh.

Five Introits

Call to Remembrance - Stuart Murray Mitchell
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Hear Me, O God - Stuart Murray Mitchell
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Commissioned by the Friends of the Music of St. Giles', Edinburgh. Two of the introits, Call to Remembrance, and Hear Me O God have been recorded by the Choir of St. Giles' Cathedral and available on their Aegidius label. 

Mo Nighean Dubh

Mo Nighean Dubh - Stuart Murray Mitchell
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A simple setting of a beautiful Scots Song "My Dark-haired Maiden", it has been sung by a number of choirs in Scotland. Here is it sung by Vox Coelestis.

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