Stockbridge Colonies Choir

Hi all,

I hope you're keeping safe and well. Please see below for rehearsal recordings, music, and teach tracks.

Rehearsal recordings

Please click on the date below to access the rehearsal recording.
An archive of our Winter 2020 rehearsals can be found here.

Wednesday 20th January

Wednesday 27th January

Wednesday 3rd February

Wednesday 17th February

Wednesday 24th February

Wednesday 3rd March


Music and Lyrics

All music this term can be accessed by clicking here.

Teach tracks

You can listen to a teach track by clicking on the song title below.

By default, all parts will be playing together. However you can mute parts by clicking the 'M' at the top of the channel strip. You can also change the volume of each part using the slider. 

The Salley Gardens

The Salley Gardens (Optional Verse 2)

Spring Thunder

Love Call Me Home

Little David Play on Your Harp

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